German-American Men's Club Munich

As the first of its kind, the German-American Men’s Club Munich was founded in 1947.  It contributed substantially to clearing the rubble and rebuilding Munich after World War II. To help stem an infantile paralysis epidemic, the Club purchased an "iron lung" and initiated fund raising by founding the "Pfennigparade", similar to the "March of Dimes" in the United States.

The Club is a charter member of the Federation of German-American Clubs.  Its major goals are the furtherance of good relations between both peoples and the support of various charitable institutions. Top priority is given to the financial support of the Student Exchange program, permitting nearly 60 university students of both nations to study abroad every year. The Club also promotes the Youth Program of the Federation of German-American Clubs, which includes seminars for 14 to 18 year olds and makes arrangements for a home-stay program affording them a visit to the partner country.

The Club has approximately 120 members, about 10% of them Americans.  The Minister President of Bavaria, the U.S. Consul General in Munich, the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich, the Commander of the Military State Command Bavaria and the Club’s former President Dr. Peter Rückert are Honorary Presidents. 

Highlights of the annual activities are monthly excursions, visits to business companies, lectures and cultural events. Members benefit from social interaction and convivial conversation by participating in the Oktoberfest, the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Social connections, convivial communication and also our ongoing weekly get-togethers at the Stammtisch in the Ratskeller in Munich are the basis for solidarity and engagement of our members.

At present the annual membership fee is Euro 70.00. It includes a membership in the Federation of German-American Clubs and the subscription to the "Gazette", the official organ of the Federation.

We welcome new members who are open to the idea of international understanding and who like to play a part in the Club activities.